19th century badminton, crocket, boccia, danceworkshops, sunday program and a Belle Epoque Alpine Ball

in the glorious Swiss mountains

The Association Plaisir d'Histoire is delighted to announce and invite you to the

Romantic Swiss Alpine Ball 3-6. Sept. 2020

Location: Hotel Pax Montana, Obwalden, CH

Hotelpackages  for 3 nights, ask directly at:  www.paxmontana.ch

Tickets for the Swiss Alpine Ball click here

Dresscode 1874-1914 (or Ball attire)

We are happy to welcome guests and friends from France, Austria, England, Germany and Switzerland!

only 4 Tickets left...

please note: purchase balltickets and hotel seperately!

Tanzvorbereitung / Danceworkshop for the ball : June 27 & 28, 2020  in Richterswil with
Anne-Sophie Divoux, Tickets

Tanzvorbereitung / Danceworkshop for the ball July 25, 2020 in Richterswil mit Vreni Huber, Tickets

Flyer Swiss Alpine Ball
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Sonntagsausflug ohne GA/Halbtax









Sonntagsausflug MIT GA/Halbtax

We are delighted to invite you to this romantic timetravel into the Canton Obwalden, in the very center of Switzerland to the remote and lovely place Flüeli-Ranft

Programm de/fr/engl

kleine Änderungen im Programm sind möglich             

small changes in the program may occur            petits changement dans le program sont possible

Deutsch - Swiss Alpine Ball Programm April 2019
Prov. Programm - kleine Änderungen vorbehalten
Paxmontana Programm April2019_deutsch.pd
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Français - Swiss Alpine Ball Program
Paxmontana Program avril 2019_fr_3.pdf
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English - Program Swiss Alpine Ball April 2019
Please note: small adjustments in the program possible
Paxmontana Program April 2019_English.pd
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The sportsprogram will be sent to ballguests ca. mid June 2020



Dancelist will be sent to ballguests ca. mid June2020

Fotos mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Hotels Paxmontana, Kurt Lieberherr und der Stanserhornbahn

Where is the "Flüeli-Ranft" ???

Il se trouve où, ce "Flüeli-Ranft"???

It is a glorious place - really! And it is in the very proximity of the geografic centre of Switzerland!


Foto: Obwalden Tourismus, www.flueliranft.ch

We are happy to confirm that the Orchestra of the Ball will be again the "Pannonia Orchestra" of Budapest!


Payment with Paypal or Revolut possible. Please indicate after purchase.
Überweisung spesenfrei in Euro mit Revolut oder Paypal möglich.